3 Tips For Using Social Media For Competitive Intelligence

In my aboriginal job out of college, I had a absolutely abhorrent assignment every Monday morning. See, I formed at a ample bounded coffer and every Monday morning I had to alarm a dozen added banks and get all their rates. Saving, checking, loans, mortgage. There was no way to beard who I was. After about 10 account on the phone, the teller was appealing affronted with me. After 15 minutes, he was accessible to adhere up on me.

“Wait!” I’d cry. “How about a 30-year anchored mortgage on a…”


Back then, ecology the antagonism was tough. Today, acknowledgment to the anytime growing apple of amusing media, it’s a accomplished lot easier to acquisition advice about your competition. Here are a few simple tips to get started:

1. Be a Twitter Spy

Set up a Tweetbeep. If you can use Google Alerts you can use Tweetbeep. Just go to Tweetbeep.com and access your competitors’ names. You’ll be notified if anyone Tweets about your competition. The advice you accept will be a gold mine. Your competitors’ audience will cheep about how able-bodied (or poorly) the latest angle went, their advisers will accuse about alive all night to get the new artefact into beta. A anchorman will allocution about application them for a source. Customers will allocution about pricing. The HR intern will acquaint you that layoffs are advancing today.

Did you apprehend that something big is accident at a adversary and you can’t delay to be Tweetbeeped? Again just go to Twitter and blazon in seek strings like “[Competitor name layoff" "[Competitor name] acquired” “[Competitor name] president” People will allotment scoops on Twitter that they never would in being or on the phone.

You can aswell alpha afterward your competitors’ executives, managers, employees, interns and contractors. Not to mention, their better clients. If account is advancing from the company, you’ll get it from every angle — giving you the abounding picture. Of course, don’t be afraid if you get the circuit from the aggregation admiral and PR administrator and the dank being from the interns and contractors.

2. Get “LinkedIn”

I’m accommodating to bet you already accept a LinkedIn contour and some acceptable access on the site. But now, it’s time to alpha mining LinkedIn for advice on your competition. Aboriginal yield a moment to accede what LinkedIn knows about a company: it knows who just abutting a company, it knows who left, it knows who accustomed a advance and it knows who is affiliated to whom at added companies. Now, rather than await on a being to address a aggregation profile, aka Wikipedia, LinkedIn can actualize an automatic augment to cull all this calm into a shockingly authentic profile. Go advanced and analysis out your own aggregation contour by analytic here: